Why Tribute Bands are So Important

If you’re a music fan, you probably have over a hundred artists in your playlist. But when the songs become repetitive and the sound feels a little redundant, then maybe it’s time to expand your horizon and go beyond your decade. Music transcends time, and many songs from decades ago currently dominate the airwaves. In Tiktok, Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” resurfaced and became viral when Nathan Apodaca, who has three million followers, created a Tiktok video with him lip-synching to the single from the legendary band. The video caused the 1977 song, even the album it was featured in, to rise to the Top 10 in several countries.

“Dreams” is not the only song that has recently made headlines. The Netflix series Stranger Things also sent throwback songs like Kate Bush’s “Running Up the Hill” and Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” into the trend list. Yes, the new generation of music listeners is no longer embarrassed by their parents’ and grandparents’ playlists. They embrace it. Thus, many listeners find themselves looking for throwback tracks. After all, the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s were filled with legends and these performers currently occupy the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Young listeners want more, but what do they do when they are born several decades too late? Resorting to streaming music online can only do so much. What else can you do if you become captivated by a legendary band that was prominent 30 years ago?

Providing The Experience to New Fans

This has been the case for millions of new Grateful Dead fans. The Grateful Dead was a pioneer and the original jam band. The legendary rock outfit from Palo Alto spearheaded an American tradition of infusing several musical elements, such as folk, psychedelic rock, country, bluegrass, jazz, and world music. No two performances are identical because the band often performs improvisations, segues, and lengthy solos. Fans, known as the Deadheads, became entranced with The Grateful Dead’s incredibly formulated setlists. Their legacy has influenced a new generation of jam bands like Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Tedeschi Trucks Bands, and more. So how does one experience a legend that is long gone? This is where tribute bands come in. Dark Star Orchestra is by far the closest thing you can get if you want to experience Grateful Dead live. Tribute bands like Dark Star Orchestra have made it their mission to recreate the original band’s sound, feel, and even look. Most members even copy the original band’s rigs – from guitars to tuners, effects, software, and amplifiers. Some even go as far as hiring the original band’s former guitar technician.

Providing Nostalgia to Old Fans

Besides new fans, tribute bands also provide old fans with nostalgic value. Rock, pop, and metal giants from the olden days, like Rush, The Beatles, AC/DC, DIO, and Led Zeppelin, are irreplaceable, and some fans may have been lucky enough to see the performance during their prime but don’t you wish you can experience them again here and now? Thanks to incredible tribute bands, you can at least hear your favorite songs performed live on stage. Some of today’s most iconic tribute bands are actively touring; you can definitely catch them in your city!

Best Tribute Bands on Tour

1. The Fab Four (The Beatles)

The Fab Four has been around since 1997. That means they have dedicated almost three decades to performing and recreating the legend that was The Beatles for nearly three decades. While The Beatles’ surviving members, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison, are still working in the music industry, the band itself is long gone. Thanks to tribute performers like The Fab Four, new and old fans can still experience the greatest pop-rock band that ever lived.

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2. Dark Star Orchestra (Grateful Dead)

As mentioned, The Grateful Dead is still amassing new fans, but the band disbanded 20 years ago after the unfortunate passing of frontman and co-founder Jerry Garcia. The surviving members, Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, and Phil Lesh, are still making music and seem to always come up with spin-offs or side projects. Weir, Hart, and Kreutzmann created Dead & Company, featuring pop-blues singer-songwriter John Mayer as frontman, in 2015. But Dead & Company, which would perform a handful of covers, was not designed to replicate the original. Deadheads can always turn to Dark Star Orchestra. The tribute band has been celebrating Grateful Dead’s music since 1997. The band performs Grateful Dead’s original setlists from their previous shows and the setlists are often followed song by song.

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3. One Night of Queen (Queen)

Queen is still around and performing with lead singer Adam Lambert, but the band’s tour doesn’t come as often as some fans would like. Luckily, One Night of Queen is actively touring and has dedicated its career to replicating Freddie Mercury’s era. One Night of Queen, led by Mercury impersonator Gary Mullen, is a two-hour spectacle. The original band Queen is now performing with American Idol alum Adam Lambert, who adds his unique personality and style to the mix. In contrast, One Night of Queen can be an excellent alternative for fans who love the original singers. During an interview, Mullen explained that they are trying to recreate the original band. “We are trying to create something you’ll never see again because you’ll never see Queen with Freddie Mercury or John Deacon.”

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4. Arrival from Sweden: Music from Abba

The Swedish hitmaker Abba has created some of the most iconic pop singles, such as “Waterloo,” “Mama Mia,” “Dancing Queen,” and many more. Abba is still around. In fact, they just celebrated their 50th anniversary with a massive tour. However, if you cannot wait for Abba to come to your city, you may want to check out the next best thing, Arrival

From Sweden: Music from Abba. The band has toured in over 70 countries, completed 82 tours, and sold out arenas all over the world. The band’s production has all the characteristics and personalities of the actual band, such as costumes, talented musicians, and exemplary singers.

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5. Zoso (Led Zeppelin)

The English rock legend, Led Zeppelin, disbanded in 1980. The surviving members, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones, unfortunately, decided to call it quits after the passing of their drummer John Bonham. Many similar-sounding bands came out, including Greta Van Fleet, which had a Led Zeppelin feel. But if you’re looking for something close to the original and just want covers, Zoso is the closest to the old band you can get. Zoso provides the “Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience,” and they are set to conquer North America with a vast number of shows.

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See these phenomenal tribute bands bring back the legendary bands’ music to life! Tickets to their shows are now available!