Why Everyone Should Listen to More Country Music!

What do you think about when you hear “country music”? The genre might give you visions of western living, southern hospitality, pickup trucks, and a lot of other things that people think about as southern or western. You might also think that country music isn’t nearly as popular a music genre as other popular genres, including rock, hiphop, r&b, and classical. You might even consider it a small and niche genre.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Country music has always been a major part of the US music scene. In fact, a Deezer survey shows that it’s the 3rd most popular genre, with nearly half of all responses saying that country was a genre listeners enjoyed and listened to. In fact, it’s only behind Rock and Pop which are both barely past the 50% mark according to the survey. In total, that means that country music has somewhere close to 165 million listeners in the United States alone.

And while country music is definitely an American music genre, don’t think that it’s only popular in the US. Because longtime fans know that country has gained major traction in Canada, Australia, South Africa, and in several countries in Europe (especially North Europe). Country music has even gained a sizable following in Southeastern Asia according to several polls and records.

But why? What is it about country music that has such growing worldwide appeal?

That Country Music Charm

When asked about country music, a lot of listeners share a similar sentiment. Many of the songs are uplifting and positive with a theme that’s all about celebrating the simple parts of living in the US. Many of the most popular country songs are about family, enjoying life as it comes, seeing the wonder of being in or having a family of one’s own as well as several other similar topics. Country music is just about accepting life as it is without shame or apology.

And this unrelenting positivity and love of life has kept country music albums spinning in records, or streaming online for decades.

But even when a country tackles darker topics, such as breakups, loss and grief, or alcohol, there’s always a sense of hope. Many of these songs dare to stand up to the darker, negative sides of life with messages that dare to say “I am here and I won’t back down” or “I’m never giving up” or even simple stories of determination.

And there’s something to love about music that is enjoyable and inspirational, especially with how hard life can get sometimes.

Who’s Hot In Country Music

Country music isn’t just bigger than you might think but it’s also packed full of incredible musicians who are touring as we speak. Many of them are playing across the US’s biggest venues, festivals, and events and some are even taking their impossibly cool styles over seas.

And even the most diehard fans have a tough time keeping their tour dates all straight. So imagine what new fans have to deal with if they want to check out their first concert from country music’s best stars such as: Carrie Underwood, Dallas Smith, Randy Houser, Cole Swindell, Morgan Wallen, and Jason Aldean.

But this website is here to give you the lowdown on upcoming country music concerts and musical events so you can prepare for what’s next and book tickets so you don’t miss out on who’s on stage.

Because when it comes to the simple country music life, there’s nothing better than seeing it live. And that’s what this site is all about.

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