Unwrap the Spirit of Christmas: Top Holiday Shows for the Whole Family

We’ve reached the last quarter of the year, do you know what that means? Christmas is right around the corner! At this point, families are starting to make plans for the holiday season, looking for the best ways to celebrate Christmas. If you’re lost and unsure of how to spend your holidays, stay tuned because we’ve compiled a list of upcoming must-see magical shows!

This exciting time only comes around once a year – celebrate the season as best as you can. From classic tales to toe-tapping musicals, stages will come alive with heartwarming stories. Whether you’re a fan of timeless ballet performances, musical adaptations of beloved stories, or the thrill of live entertainment, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we unwrap the curtain on a world of holiday wonder – where sugarplum fairies dance, Grinches learn the true meaning of Christmas, and characters we’ve cherished since childhood come to life right before our eyes.

That’s not all! We know that getting your hands on tickets for these spectacular shows is all part of the magic. That’s why we’ve also prepared the ultimate guide to securing your seats. This guide is complete with insider tips and direct links to make this holiday season even more memorable.

It’s time to gather your loved ones and embrace the spirit of giving. Get ready to experience the beauty of these heartwarming performances that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas! Let’s dive into a world of laughter and light – leaving us with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Originally published in 1957 as a children’s book, the iconic tale of the Grinch’s attempt to steal Christmas from the holiday-loving Whos has become a beloved part of holiday traditions. The Grinch is green, he’s mean, and he’s got thick skin. But below the nasty exterior, the audiences will soon find that deep down, he has a heart.

The Grinch is coming to steal Christmas in a city near you! This show is for families who want to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. Join the Grinch as he goes on a journey of self-discovery as he unwraps the joyful spirit he has tucked away for so long.

“A GENIUS OF A SHOW! A TOTAL DELIGHT FOR BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS. For a family on a holiday-season outing, it’s the right ticket.” –Gannett Paper

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is going on a holiday run kicking off this November. Tickets to the nationwide tour are available here.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Tickets

2. A Christmas Carol

This Charles Dickens classic has been around for over a century. From pages, to screen, and now on stage, it’s undeniably one of the best Christmas shows to see. Some people even say that it doesn’t really feel like Christmas time until they’ve seen A Christmas Carol! This show truly encapsulates what it means to be an adult finding purpose in the world. It’s perfect for both kids and adults!

This tale of Ebenezer Scrooge – the grumpy English businessman – is about his journey to redemption. Relive the iconic scenes as he falls into strange encounters with past, present, and future – until he ultimately realizes his mistakes and transforms into a kinder and gentler man.

With tears in your eyes you see how the lonely and grumpy old man sees the happiness and joy of life which itself is the truth! A true holiday classic!” – Fan Review

A Christmas Carol will run in various theatres in almost every state this holiday season. You can find tickets here.

A Christmas Carol Tickets

3. Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet

Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet boasts award-winning principal dancers and a corps de ballet of 40 Vaganova-trained ballerinas and danseurs. Not only is this one of the best holiday shows, it’s also one that’s filled with the most outstanding performers. This holiday production is extremely over the top and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

It’s overflowing with larger-than-life puppets, breathtaking acrobatics, and dazzling costumes – making it an unforgettable experience for adults and children alike. Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s timeless score is highlighted all throughout the performance, as the cast dives into the adventures of Clara and the Nutcracker – and of course, fance to the Sugar Plum Fairy.

We go every year as part of our ‘holiday spirit’ tradition! The Russian Dancers were stunning and amazing. The costumes were beautiful and all were so graceful.” Chicago Theatre Review

Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet has consistently held an annual tour around the United States. This year, they are back and better than ever. Experience the enchanting show live with the whole family by securing your tickets here.

Nutcracker Magical Christmas Tickets

4. Cirque du Soleil: ‘Twas the Night Before

From gravity-defying stunts to heartwarming moments of holiday joy, this production captures the essence of the season while adding its signature flair of creativity. It’s Cirque du Soleil’s first holiday show and it’s based on the poem “A Visit from Saint Nicolas” by Clement Clarke Moore. The story follows a little girl as she searches for the true meaning of Christmas.

The performance is A+ as all Cirque du Soleil shows are, but what makes it even better is the magical Christmas soundtrack. The show perfectly portrays the essence of Christmas in a breathtaking production that simply feels surreal. ‘Twas the Night Before is definitely a show that can be enjoyed by all ages. Whether you’re 5, 40, or 95, you’ll find yourselves breathless and inspired at the end.

The show was very enchanting, really putting you into the holiday spirit. The cast was phenomenal, the remixes of Christmas music were amazing, the dancing and acrobatics were on point, and even the story was heartwarming.” – New York City Theatre

Cirque du Soleil: ‘Twas the Night Before is having performances this holiday season. Check out the link below to find a performance near you!

Cirque Du Soleil Christmas Tickets

5. Nightmare Before Christmas in Concert

The renowned 1993 dark fantasy picture Nightmare Before Christmas continues to pique the public’s interest today. The Tim Burton classic is undeniably one of the most rewatched holiday movies. Watching Jack Skellington’s wonderfully sinister misadventure every Halloween and Christmas has turned into an annual tradition!

In this production, families get to have a new and unique experience with the well-loved movie. As The Nightmare Before Christmas plays on screen, an orchestra of talented musicians plays alongside the movie’s soundtrack. It’s a spectacular and immersive experience, not even close to one you would get at home.

Whether it’s a Halloween special or a Christmas treat, watching the live performance is certain to make you remember the magic of seeing the movie for the first time all over again.” – Study Breaks

If you’re looking for a darker and less emotional Christmas show, this one is definitely for you and the family! The Nightmare Before Christmas in Concert is a show the entire family will be talking about all the way home. Tickets are available on the link below.

Nightmare Before Christmas Concert Tickets

6. Radio City Christmas Spectacular

If you’ve been thinking of a family trip for the upcoming holiday season, head straight to New York for a truly spectacular Christmas special! The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is sparkly, breathtaking, and everything you could ever ask for in a Christmas production! The show has been dazzling audiences in New York for decades, but there’s an exciting new finale coming to you.

Whether this is your first time to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, or the 10th time, you’re in for a thrilling ride with Santa Claus and the Rockettes! The brand new finale and updated special effects is sure to make you wow and gasp.

“Highly recommend this show to all viewers… young and old. Each year, I felt there was always something new added, and so I really looked forward to seeing it with my daughter for the first time together.” – Fan Review

Fun fact: the costume design is one of the highlights of this production! There are around 1,300 total costumes in each show, lined with thousands of Swarovski crystals each. See for yourself this season! You can score your tickets to the show by clicking on the link below.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets

By now, you’ve probably got an idea of which shows you’ll want to see this Christmas. It’s tough to decide, but depending on what you and the family likes, there’s definitely a show for you on this list! From classical ballet, to a live concert, to a green Christmas, you have all the options available.

Pro tip: before we conclude this article, we want to remind our readers that holiday shows are some of the most sought out events every year! With that being said, we recommend you to book your tickets early to ensure that you don’t miss out on your show of choice. Tickets tend to sell out very fast!

Tickets to all the holiday shows in the nation are available at ticketsqueeze.com. Check them out now!