Problems in the secondary ticketing industry

It’s no secret that Ticket Squeeze is one of the world’s most trusted ticket sellers. Most of our customers keep coming back and you’ll often hear nothing but great things about what we do. That isn’t an accident, since we stand heads and shoulders above most of our competitors in the ticketing industry. But you might be wondering what is it that we do that makes us so special?

We here at Ticket Squeeze pride ourselves on offering great products at great prices, but most importantly our focus has been on TRUST. In an industry that can be plagued by shady tactics, it’s important to have somewhere customers know they can trust. We offer guarantees and policies that protect ticket buyers. We place your safety and security as our number one priority. That has been our driving goal since we started selling tickets.

It just makes sense

But the ticketing industry isn’t made equal. And there are some bad actors that we want to talk about. Because many ticket sellers seem similar to Ticket Squeeze, they don’t match up where it counts. And because of this, it’s easy to wonder if it’s worth it.

And we get it.

Every day we read stories about people getting hurt or cheated by fraudulent or dishonest ticket sellers. Some of these sellers use the sneakiest tactics to try and make more money than they should for the same tickets and seats we offer. These tricks can hike up your bill fast.

These sneaky tricks include:

  • Offering reduced prices to lure customers in, then tacking on checkout fees of up to 30% or 40%
  • Using bots to snatch up and hoard tickets and resell them at ridiculous markup pricing
  • Charging download fees on top of the price you paid
  • And even selling fraudulent or false tickets

It’s easy to see why some ticket customers are worried about buying their tickets from online vendors. But we here at Ticket Squeeze don’t do any of this.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the indepth and detailed Ticket Squeeze Review here by TicketsTo.

What Ticket Squeeze Is All About

Ticket Squeeze wants every ticket purchased to be authenticated, verified, and ready to go for opening day. We want to charge fair prices and rates with no hidden fees or upcharges. We want to offer the best possible ticket buying experience in the world. We do this by offering the following.:

  • One of the strictest ticket seller vetting processes in industry
  • Complete Ticket Authentication
  • No Download Fees
  • Lower Prices Than Most Other Marketplaces
  • The Lowest Possible Fees Compared To Competing Marketplaces
  • We are just a marketplace. We Promise to not buy up & horde our own tickets for extra profits.
  • Special Bonuses Including Ticket Giveaways For Thousands of Dollars In Tickets Via Social Media

But what does this all mean? Let’s break it down.

Our Ticket Vetting Process guarantees that the tickets you purchase and receive via this site are 100% authentic. We do this by booking your tickets directly through seller websites. By cutting out the middleman that other ticket sellers use, you can trust that your tickets will be authentic and get you in on opening night. This also makes it easy to check tickets for full authenticity, so that you never get caught at the door with fake tickets to the shows you want to see.

And speaking of safety, we also want to keep your tickets as affordable as possible. This means that you pay some of the best prices for the same seats through us, especially when compared to our competitors. You don’t pay anything extra to download tickets. You have some of the lowest fees for last-minute purchases, better seating, or group seating arrangements. And best of all, our tickets can be up to 35% – 45% cheaper than competing marketplace prices. This means you save money that could be used for your other expenses or for a nice meal after the show.

We refuse to use bots to snatch tickets for our own resale. We don’t want to add to an practice that makes it hard enough for customers to buy tickets at the box office.

And speaking of chance, we also hold frequent giveaways through our social media accounts. These giveaways are for THOUSANDS of dollars worth of tickets at some of the best shows, events, competitions, and tour dates in the world. Just imagine, you could win the best seats in the house at the most exciting concert tours of the season, through our accounts. And we can offer these amazing deals thanks to the support our customers bring us.

We are here to make ticket buying safe, reliable, and easy.