Preparing for the event industry boom in 2021

event industry returns 2021

With the world seemingly shutting down in every sense of the phrase, it instantly brings forward the thoughts of “what’s next?”. Although the last several months have been different for everyone with some seeing it as a break from their regular routine and a time to relax, whereas others have fallen into a sense of worry and stress (quite rightly so), regardless of your experiences throughout this time everyone is awaiting the return of their favorite things. We all can’t wait for hobbies, activites, and everything else that goes along with that to return. And part of those things which will inevitably return is the world of live events. With so many kids, adults, fans, commentators, and everyone in between so desperate for any form of social interaction it would be safe to assume that when live events are finally allowed to return they are going to ensure they can meet the inherant demand.

New talent is everywhere

It’s no secret that people from all backgrounds, ages and countries are incredibly talented. In the music industry alone, we see new artists stepping into the forefront and completely taking over certain genres in a matter of months. And this type of competition isn’t just apparant in the music industry. Theater, sports, and many other event industries are similarly blessed with new talent constantly rising through the ranks, and with such a high number of talented performers comes an equally high level of competition to be seen. There’s no doubt that over the last few months these talented individuals have had plenty of time to practice their skills and prepare for when the day is finally announced that events are allowed to return. So when the day that everyone is waiting for arrives and events are announced, rest assured that there will be a whole host of new performers, industry legends, and everything in between to choose from for your next event experience.

The event industry landscape

Like any other business, the event industry needs custom and cash flow to maintain itself. Because at the end of the day, without money to pay performers, venues, and organisors, how is an event going to run? The effects of the worldwide pandemic have impacted so many businesses across the world, with many businesses closing down and small businesses losing their livelihood. But it’s not all doom and gloom. With some help from the government, and a lot of help from the public, businesses can once again start to flourish. With events, it will be a lot more simple than other industries. What can you do? Attend events. With such a huge amount of revenue lost over the last few months in the event industry, performers and organisers alike will be chomping at the bit to get events happenening once again and therefore, create a booming events industry surpassing anything we’ve seen in the last decade.

The fans

For socialites, sports fans, music fans, theater fans, and those who crave a busy social life, being locked down for months on end has been a huge struggle. Those who are used to spending evenings with colleagues, friends, and loved ones have been no longer able to do so, and any weekend activities have been few and far between. But with such a starved and deprived social life comes anticipation. Fans are constantly scouring the internet for information about when events are going to return so that they can finally have some sort of experience like before. But surprisingly, this isn’t just people who have regularly attended events before. We are finding that people that once saw events as places that were too busy or stressful to think about attending and would rather just watch the recording on TV or online are now also craving the need for some social interaction, and live events seem to be the most fitting place to do so. Don’t think for a second that this is going un-noticed. When people want something, businesses will make sure they provide it, and this will be no different with events. So make sure you stay tuned, because the number of events we are going to see in the future is expected to sky-rocket!

What events can I attend?

The simple and short answer to this question is, whichever events you like! Every single choice, genre, industry, and demand is going to be met with full force. So, if you want to see a theater event then go see one of the 100’s of theater events. If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sporting needs, then you’ll already know sports are already picking up faster than any other event industry. To make the search for events easier, we’ve attached some key information below so you can search to your hearts content for which event you want to go to next, and who knows? Maybe it will be something you’ve never seen before and you’ll have a new favorite performer to see every month!

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