Keeping your live music spirits up during COVID-19

This year has been one of the most challenging in recent years, worldwide. We have all been struggling with feelings of worry, fear, and boredom. Every aspect of the world has changed, and the overwhelming amounts of never-final information leave us wondering what is actually happening. We are all starved for a glimpse at normality, whatever that word may mean. To bring a piece of the world that was left on pause months ago, we have put together this short guide on how to keep our passion for music alive during the (hopefully) final months of going through COVID-19.

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Use social media for event updates (the smart way)

Okay, so I know this may sound simple, but simply following the artists may not give you the greatest levels of information on the current state of the live music events. You may be able to see that a tour is still on pause on an artist’s website, but you need to follow broader pages for more information on what to do until tours are fully back on the road. Make sure you’re following the right accounts to stay up-to-date with all the key information about events and when/how they will be making a return. By following fan pages, ticket sellers, venues and arenas, you’re more likely to get information that is authentic as well as key dates you will want to make note of. Are you feeling unsafe and unsettled at the thought of attending a venue full of people any time soon? Venues are posting about all the safety measures they will be taking. Can’t wait until tours are back on? Event organisers are running online virtual events to keep your spirits up. Just tune in and you will immediately feel more connected to the event world.

Link with your friends

One of the best parts of going to a show is who you’re there with, because after all, shared experiences are that much more memorable. But it could be a pain to organise anything, especially with all the uncertainty in the air. I’ve missed more than one show I’ve wanted to go to because I haven’t managed to organize everything with my friends on time. But what a better time to properly organize things than now when we have all this time on our hands? Create an event group chat. Not just one for you to pour cat gifs and gossip into (not that we don’t love those). One specifically for events you want to attend together. That way, people can drop in information and everyone is up to speed with the planning process, any updates on the event industry, etc. And most importantly, looking forward to an amazing night with your friends will surely keep your spirits up.

Go to a live gig… at home!

Okay, I get it, it’s not the same. But once you forget for a second that you are not in a radius of a couple hundred feet from your musical idol, you will feel a bit of the thrill nonetheless. Pull a full recording of a live concert, bring some friends online, and watch it together on a Saturday night. Talk about the genius of the performer, listen to the cheers of the crowd, sing along to your favorite songs, and even take your lighter out when the time for the slow song comes. It may not be the same, but it is a great way to keep the emotion alive until we are back at the stadiums for the real deal!

Check with your government

Keep up with the formal updates on the national and international state of the pandemic. This may sound boring but it’s key to planning anything in the current climate, afterall, rules are rules. Be mindful of the world and people around you, and make sure anything you are planning follows the government guidelines so that you can all enjoy yourself, safely. We all want live events to be back more than anything and may be running low on patience, but I promise you, things will return to a new version of normal. And in the meantime…

Keep listening to music!

Don’t stop listening to music. Keep searching for new artists, new songs, and new bands. Keep scouring the internet for new tour announcements and new venues. It may feel like the world has stopped turning, but talented people are still making music every day, new YouTube channels have emerged, new musical genius is brewing. Some of the future most iconic albums are being created as you read this. Keep your hunger! It’s so easy to lose your interests during a global pandemic without even noticing, and it may feel pointless to keep your passion alive. So make a conscious effort, and continue to love music. We’ll see you soon!