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concerts return 2021

We all know that events of all types, sizes and genres have been sorely missed during these difficult and often trying times. It may be that you didn’t get to see the performer or team you had been waiting all year to see, or that tickets were never released for the one show you were so eagerly waiting for. Venues, companies, artists, and teams have all suffered in some way or another by not being able to deliver shows or performances for their incredible supporters. But despite this being a tough time, we truly believe that the light at the end of the tunnel will be brighter than ever before, and we’re going to tell you exactly why. And who knows,we may just put that smile back on some fans’ faces in anticipation for some of the best events they’ve ever seen.

Performers love to perform

As fans, it’s easy to see why we get upset when we can’t see our favourite performers on stage. But, we often forget what it’s like for the actual performers themselves. There is a reason they do what they do for a living, and we know for a fact they love to perform just as much as we love to experience their events. Performers are itching to get back on stage and experience the thrill of performing for their amazing supporters. And what will make those events better than before? Well, it’s like when you commit to a diet and then get that 1 cheat day where you can savour the sweet taste of your favorite meal, and oh how much sweeter it is. This is exactly what we believe is going to happen with events next year. Are we really to believe that because the physical surroundings might be slightly different there is even a slight chance the event won’t be as good as before? The events which are going to be put on are certain to be some of the highest quality events that the performers have ever delivered! If only because they’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed them.

A more authentic atmosphere

As events return, performers and fans alike will be eagerly anticipating the announcements of tours and event dates as soon as possible. And with such high anticipation, comes an extremely high demand. But not only will this mean it is likely we will see a larger number of events, but also each and every event will have an audience of fans who are extremely passionate about what they are about to experience. With fans like that and an eagerness to attend events like none of us have ever had before, the atmosphere that will be created is going to be simply nothing short of sensational. Expect singing, cheering, awesome merchandise, and a buzz that will have been building stronger and stronger for months on end.

Smaller venues & audiences

Now, bear with us on this one because at first, hearing that venues and audiences will be smaller doesn’t exactly sound like a positive. But think more, what are the worst parts about going to see an event? The struggle to find parking? The insane cues to find and get in the venue? The sometimes unbearable heat created from a jam-packed hall? Well, none of these are going to be an issue now. With smaller audiences and venues, fans will have more space, less rushing, and a much more relaxing and stress-free time to focus on fully experiencing the incredible event they’re about to see. And what’s more, with smaller venues you’ll be able to get closer to the action than maybe ever before, and without having to pay extortionate prices to be there! Doesn’t this sound more like the event you’d want to see next?

Competition (higher quality)

Due to the high demand of events in every single industry, we can be fairly sure that there will be a lot of new artists, performers, and talent preparing to capitalise on this new rise in demand for live events. Up and coming musicians, rising sporting talents, hilarious young comedians, as well as the talented veterans in all of these industries will have been spending the lockdown months on making sure their return to the stage or arena will be nothing short of spectacular. Because they are aware of the amount of competition there will be to draw crowds, and know that there are so many fans who simply cannot wait for live events to return. This is an opportunity for these performers to make up for lost months and give their fans a truly unforgettable performance. Competition as with any industry, be it business, sporting, or otherwise is good and makes everyone perform better. So talents across the world will make sure they are on top of their game to deliver a performance that is better than ever before, and they want you there to see it.

You will be directly supporting your favorite performers and venues

Maybe this is a point about why events in 2021 will be better than ever before, maybe not. But if you are a true fan of the performer you are going to see then it will surely evoke some kind of emotion from you when you are directly supporting them with your attendance at their events. It’s no secret that the events industry has been hit adversely, arguably more than any other industry, and the support that all of these incredibly talented people get when they inevitably return is crucial to their future. Everything from the venues, merchandise and refreshments stands, and obviously the artists themselves will have such huge appreciation for those going to their performances that in some way, shape or form, it will be paid back to their fans. So if you want to show your support for the people that we personally feel really keep the entertainment world moving, then check out some of the events listed below or on the website and let’s get ready for what events in 2021 have in store for us!

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