How COVID-19 will change the event experience for the better.

covid facial recognition for events

Cleaner Venues

The importance of hygiene will be second-to-none. Venues will be put under high scrutiny to ensure that their spaces are clean and safe, making the event experience a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

How many times have you been to a sports event, concert, or other large event and returned home only to find yourself feeling unwell a few days later? Well you’re not alone, and if one positive is to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic it’s that venues will be required to have such high levels of cleanliness with hand-sanitiser stations being all around the venue, that the chances of spreading germs will be brought to a minimum.

But unfortunately, there’s no requirement or possible way for the venues to cure a hangover, so always take care with how much alcohol you consume at an event.

Smarter Catering

Now this is huge! Fans of events all over the world have been calling for a change in the way they receive food and drink at events and FINALLY it may be about to be answered.

Social distancing will need to be maintained in as many areas of a venue as possible. Meaning that unnecessary movement or trips within the venue itself should be kept to a minimum. Why is this a good thing you ask? Well, if all goes as event lovers hope, we could see the age of app-ordering whereby attendees will be able to make orders for their food and drink via a mobile app which could either then be brought directly to them, or you have to go a short distance to a specific collection point where you can collect your food with minimal wait times (NO QUEUES) – it’s a win-win!

NO MORE DISGUSTING CONDIMENTS. There will likely be no more communal condiments being offered, which let’s face it, were pretty gross in the first place. Whether you hated the thing being empty every time you go to use it, or just the fact that visually the thing you’re about to eat is not so appealing, your prayers have just been answered. Going forward, we are likely to see either individually packaged condiments placed inside your order, or personalised orders where attendees state which condiments they’d like when placing their order

The arrival of TRUE Contactless

With the introduction of facial recognition technology common problems at events will be completely eradicated. Queues for entry, GONE.

Technology as a whole will be accelerated in how quickly it’s brought to market. And although things such as touch screens, mobile applications, facial recognition technology, and movement tracking sensors may sound scary, but there’s benefits that will come along with it.

Now, contactless payments are already a pretty common part of daily life in a lot of countries across the world, but now we may be at a point whereby cash will simply not be accepted at events. No more change jingling around in your pocket or handed back to you after far too many people have also handled that same money. Events are likely to be a much better experience post-covid.

Only the best content will survive

People have been locked away from the world of events for a long time now, and during this time most have been contemplating various aspects of their life more than usual including things like what they really enjoy in life, what they want to spend their hard-earned money on, and who they want to spend time with etc. But on top of this, the demand for events has grown, and there can only be so many events to deliver. This means whatever events are happening, their content has to be breathtaking. Whether it’s a sporting event, music concert, comedy night etc, their content which they deliver has to be on another level, otherwise they risk falling behind the pack.

But what does this mean for attendees? Hopefully, this will see an increase in the quality of events you attend. Every aspect of it should be improved significantly, especially if they want to keep up with the rest of the events taking place. After all, the most successful events are always the ones with the best content.